Ex Machina Director Alex Garland Talks Artificial Intelligence And His Unsettling Robot Ava

Ex Machina If you were looking for love in Austin this weekend, you might have run into Ava — a chatbot on Tinder created to promote the South by Southwest premiere of a new science fiction film called Ex Machina. Regardless of what you think about the campaign (I didn’t have a problem with it, but then I’ve always found Tinder chats to be awkward and slightly surreal), it certainly… Read More

McDonald’s Teams With General Assembly For Employee Training Pilot

Teaching a General Assembly Class McDonald’s announced a partnership with General Assembly today at South by Southwest. They are launching a pilot program in which a small subset of McDonald’s employees can take one of two GA courses and receive a monthly stipend for the duration of the courses. Interested employees will have to take an aptitude test to determine their fitness for the program, but once… Read More