WellDeserved Is A (Fake) Startup That Pokes Fun At Tech’s Privilege

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.15.03 AM Have a free Google Lunch you don’t take advantage of because you’re eating only local blueberries this week? Does your company have a masseuse you don’t use because you’re touch-phobic? WellDeserved is for you. The app allows you to sell the things you get for free. Pass your health insurance on, temporarily, to someone with a compound fracture. Give someone else the… Read More

Pitch Your Startup In The TC Radio Pitch-Off On Sirius XM

techcrunch-radio1 TechCrunch offers a variety of opportunities to get the word out about your new company. The Disrupt Battlefield is the biggest, but we also travel to various cities and hold pitch-off events, and each week John Biggs and I hold a 60-second pitch-off competition on the TechCrunch Radio show on Sirius XM. Five companies get exactly one minute to impress us and a guest VC judge. We’ll ask… Read More

Mario Party 10 Review

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.41.09 AM  The first Wii U installment of Nintendo’s longstanding mini/boardgame mashup series finally lands March 20, with a new Bowser mode and Amiibo support in tow. The question is, is this party as hard-partying as its many excellent precursors? The answer, as borne out by many solo hours and one actual party, is mostly yes, with a few caveats. Video Review Basics 1-5 players Amiibo support… Read More

Communicating Through Touch

Necklace touching bright purple glow Three squeezes means I-love-you; two squeezes means I’m-scared. My 11 year-old daughter and I share a special language of hand-squeezing. We developed patterns to relay assurance, fear, surprise, and “check out the crazy outfit in that direction”. It’s useful and fun to have a touch-based language, plus it’s fast, discreet, and intimate. Read More

Bankjoy Is Building A Modern-Day Mobile Banking App For Use By Credit Unions And Smaller Banks

03 Thanks to startups like Simple, which was acquired by financial services organization BBVA last year, banking customers got a look at what a modern-day web and mobile banking experience looks like, with features like goal-setting tools, automated categorization of expenditures, real-time notifications of new charges pushed to your mobile phone, the ability to block a lost or stolen card… Read More

Microsoft Rolls Out Previews Of Office 2016 And Skype For Business

Microsoft Office 365 logo Microsoft this morning announced a preview of Office 2016 for Windows, in a release aimed at putting the software in front of IT professionals and developers for further testing ahead of a broader roll out. Additionally, the company announced the technical preview of its Skype for Business client, which serves to replace Microsoft Lync in the enterprise with a communications experience that… Read More

PocketLab Is Simplified Wireless Sensing For Science Class

PocketLab Here’s a neat crowdfunding project that’s aiming to repackage wireless sensor technology as a multi-faceted educational tool that plugs into existing mobile devices and services to encourage kids to engage with science experiments — and even devise and conduct their own experiments. Just add curiosity. Read More

The Tado Smart Thermostat Just Got Smarter

20150313_Cebit-Pressepic3 The Tado thermostat is already a smart device, rivaling the Nest Learning Thermostat in several ways. Today the company is announcing an API and IFTTT integration, which will drastically upgrade the Tado’s capabilities. As Tado founder and CEO Christian Deilmann said in a released statement, a device’s user experience is paramount. “The key differentiator between a good… Read More