Hands On With The New Apple Watch Options

hermes Among this morning’s torrential blast of Apple news were a handful of new options for would-be Apple Watch buyers, from new finishes to fancy new watch bands.
The Watch Sport now comes in a pinkish “rose” gold and a more traditional gold. Meanwhile, they’ve introduced a bunch of new colors for the plastic Sports band, adding pinks, brown, red, and a few blues to the… Read More

First Look With The New, Siri-Enabled Apple TV

AppleEvent_2015_2 Today at Apple’s media event we took a look at the new Apple TV. The new device is made for gaming and features an updated OS, dubbed “tvOS,” a touchpad remote that includes a motion sensor, and Siri voice control. The remote will let you fast-forward and rewind by pressing on the touch-sensitive trackpad and will let you move it around for playing games. Apple also… Read More

Apple Gets Hardcore About Its Hobbies

iPad Professional The iPad wasn’t versatile enough for business. The iPhone camera wasn’t sharp enough for photographers. And none of Apple’s products were fast enough for diehard gamers. Until today. The resounding theme of Apple’s big press event was that it got serious about making its mainstream products powerful enough for professionals.
Apple has long focused on building what… Read More

Everything You Need To Know From Today’s Massive Apple Event

0281   iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled a duo of new iPhones Wednesday as he lauded that the iPhone brand was the “most popular in the world.” The updated new devices sport a ton of new features including 3D touch, which looks to be a major evolution in how users are going to be interacting with their iPhones. Apple also spent a ton of time talking about… Read More

Apple’s Product Line Has More Color Diversity Than Its Executive Team

0036 Apple put on a big event today in San Francisco to show off its new lineup of products and updates — from Apple Watch bands to the iPad Pro to the new Apple TV. Apple released a bunch of new Watch bands, showing off a wide range of diverse colors. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the people, mostly from Apple’s executive team, who took the stage to announce them. In… Read More

iOS 9 Will Launch On September 16

ios 9 Apple’s next mobile operating system, iOS 9, now has an official release date: September 16.
The company first announced the update in June, with transit directions in Maps, a new Flipboard-style News app and promised improvements to Siri and Spotlight. There will also be iPad-specific features, including support for split-screen apps. Read More

Here’s How Apple’s New Surface Compares To Microsoft’s Surface And Some Laptop

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 11.47.55 AM Apple announced a new iPad today at its media event. Yes, the iPad Pro is real, matching the various leaked statistics that have rattled around the media-scape for weeks. Pro users can pick up an external keyboard, and a stylus that Apple calls Pencil (capital P, of course). If that sounds familiar, it should. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 can be kitted out in similar fashion, though its… Read More

Apple’s iPhone Market Grew 75% Year Over Year In China

COez5PPU8AA1KSW (1) Apple’s iPhone market grew 75% in China year over year, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced on stage today. The Greater China region is Apple’s second largest market after the Americas. When Apple released the big-screened iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last September, the company’s sales in China really took off. In Apple’s Q3 earnings, the company reported $13.2 billion in… Read More

Apple Brings 3D Touch To The iPhone 6s

0268 Apple just announced the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, a brand new phone in a familiar casing with a few tricks up its sleeve. In addition to new cameras and chip, the new phone features a new Force Touch-enabled display with ‘3D Touch’. It’s a big deal as it opens a brand new set of interactions for app developers, greatly increasing the number of possibilities for user… Read More

The New Apple TV Remote Packs A Touch Surface, Microphone And Motion Sensors

0183 Apple just unveiled the new Apple TV, and it will come with a brand-new remote featuring a slew of new sensors and buttons. The top half of the remote is a glass surface, allowing users to swipe through Apple TV’s interface, or use it to fast forward and rewind through video. The device will also have a built-in microphone and dedicated Siri button, which can be used to enable… Read More