Top 25 interesting facts about New York

New York is a city of opportunity, inspiration and color. He shakes and fills you with life anew, and it does not matter where you have been and what you saw before. It will still shake you, stun you, lift you up to the sky, like a tornado, and the landing will be either pleasant and soft, or hard and fatal – then how lucky.
An incredible number of people from different countries of the world gathered here to make dreams come true, to achieve more, to find their vocation, love and inspiration. In New York, concentrated millions of human desires.
The main city of the United States, which never sleeps, has something to surprise you, but it’s simply impossible to describe in words. Therefore, we have collected the most amazing facts about him. Check it out!

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New York City, as you know, never sleeps, so the “dead season” simply does not happen here – there is always something happening in the city. And before we tell you about the places full of successive events, views, entertainment and, of course, people, we would like to tell you the undeniable and approved. Talking about some facts here.

New York was originally called New Amsterdam (Nieuw Amsterdam).
The city consists of five districts called borous – boroughs and is located in the same state. “Borough” are called Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island. Of the 5, only the Bronx is located on the mainland, Menhattan and Staten Island are separate islands, and Brooklyn and Queens are located in the western part of the vast Long Island.

All of the above islands are connected to each other and to the neighboring state of New Jersey by twelve giant suspension bridges and a multitude of tunnels, 4 of which are automobile. The length of many exceeds 3 kilometers, and the width of some is equal to 12 automobile lanes. Across the River Harlem, there are 5 conventional support bridges. In the city lives 7-8 million people. Half of them are in Brooklyn.
Hog Island, an island 1 mile south of Rockaway Beach, has never been seen since the 1893 hurricane.
The underwater part of Liberty Island, where the Statue of Liberty is located, is part of New Jersey, not New York.
New Yorkers are called New Yorkers. And all of them in one way or another suffer from post-traumatic syndrome. At the mention of September 11, even large tears come to the men.
Only 1 million dollars is enough to get a license (medallion) to manage a taxi in the city.

New York has the largest metro in the world. It consists of 468 stations and transports about 8 million people a day. Metro is both underground and overground. He has his own tunnels under the East River. East River is not a river at all, but an oceanic strait separating Long Island (with Brooklyn and Queens) from Menhattan and the Bronx. But the Hudson and Harlem – the rivers that separate Menhattan from the mainland. Almost all bridges and tunnels in New York are paid. Today one-way fare is $ 6.50.
The doctor and nurse are 2 professions that are in the top twenty of the most respected professions in the United States. The average salary of a novice nurse in New York is approximately $ 75,000- $ 80,000 per year. The doctor’s income is much higher. To become a nurse in New York, you need to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and pass the most difficult state exam. Some can not take it 5-10 times.
Albert Einstein’s eyeballs are stored in the city safe.

In New York, the largest number of skyscrapers in the world. The Empire State Building is currently the fifth tallest skyscraper in the United States, yielding to the Freedom Tower in New York, Willis Tower and the International Hotel and Trump Tower in Chicago, and the 35th highest in the world. He even has his own zip code. Since the opening of the building, more than 30 suicides have been committed.
Madison Square Park, Washington Square Park, Union Square Park and Bryant Park used to be cemeteries. In Washington Square Park alone in 1824, more than 20,000 bodies of the poor and the dead of yellow fever were buried.

The first pizzeria in the United States was opened in New York in 1895. The price of a slice of pizza and the cost of a trip on the subway in one end ($ 2.75) are approximately equal to the last 50 years.
In New York there are restaurants of all nations of the world. There, at home, some people, for example, may not even have a canteen, and in New York it has a dozen restaurants. The service in New York restaurants is excellent, because it’s customary to leave 15% of tips. No service – no tip. And the waiters have a small salary.
In New York restaurants do not cheat. The portions are huge and the uneaten can be carried home. Just ask the waiter to make a “doggy bag”, and in the morning, without sharing with the dogs, eat the rest of the dinner yourself, whether it’s lobsters, Spanish snails or ostrich meat.

In New York in general, you can try the flesh of any creature not listed in the Red Book. You can still buy wine, beer, vodka and any other alcoholic beverage of any state.
In 1857, toilet paper was invented by Joseph K. Gayetti in New York.
The Jewish population in New York is the largest in the world outside of Israel. The situation is the same with the Poles (regarding Warsaw) and the Chinese (regarding any particular city in Asia).
With about 800 foreign languages, New York is the most linguistically diverse city in the world.

There are many homeless people in New York. Most of them live in Manhattan. There are more pedestrians and easier to beg. By
Statistics, 97% of homeless people want to be such, and only 3% for some reason can not get out of the situation. Every day in certain places homeless people are given out hot food, and on winter days – blankets, sometimes sleeping bags.
The authorities in New York will pay for a one-way ticket for any homeless person if they have a guaranteed place to stay.
The most expensive apartments are located in Manhattan, then there is Brooklyn and, with a slight lag, Queens. Payment for the apartment – the most significant waste in the budget. The poor spend 90% of their income on this.

Many artists live in New York, including living legends such as Denzel Washington, Robert De Niro, Spike Lee and Tommy Lee Jones.
There are no Walmart supermarkets in New York, which are quite popular Wal-Mart Stores Inc., which manages the world’s largest wholesale and retail chain. The company ranks 22nd in the list of the most expensive brands in the world.

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