Vimeo Invests In Three More Original Series

pasted image 0 Online video-sharing site Vimeo is increasing its investment in original programming, the company announced this morning, as it detailed its plans for three more original series, including a second season of the popular web series “The Outs,” a passion project from SNL star Aidy Bryant called “Darby Forever,” and an original comedy special. The expansion of… Read More

Piper Lets Kids Design Circuits Using Minecraft And Electricity

photo-original There is a disease destroying our young people. It is silent, malignant, and fatal. It is called Minecraft and something must be done. If you have children of a certain age chances are they have made a giant Pikachu out of yellow blogs or put up a signpost that says “Poop Here” next to a chicken pen. It is truly terrible.
But there is hope. With Piper, we can turn Minecraft into… Read More

Why A High-Profile Washio Customer Tweeted Then Deleted What Looked Like A Used Condom In His Laundry Bag

WASHIO PHOTO SHOOT-166 Vimeo co-founder Zach Klein tweeted this morning that he’d found what looked like a used condom in a freshly cleaned bag of baby clothes from laundry startup Washio. “Hi @washioapp,” wrote Klein, “Thanks for the bonus gift returned with my baby’s clothes, but she’s already protected by her car seat.” The idea that Washio laundry personnel were up to… Read More

Cameo, Vimeo’s Video Editing Platform, Ditches Social Networking Functionality

21dDjvN7XF1w7laQiAJ3Yh4lv8qYBHZXVuZkJqNBf1A Cameo, the video editing platform which was bought by Vimeo last year, today launched a complete rebuild of its app. While the new update contains familiar features like easy importing, editing, and HD video support, the redesign notably removes Cameo’s social networking features. Previously, users could follow other filmmakers inside the app and view their posts in a… Read More

Q&A With The Creators Of ‘High Maintenance’

 While they never expected to get famous from High Maintenance, the show has found a devoted following. That in turn led Vimeo to invest in more episodes to appear as part of its paid Vimeo On Demand service. Read More