New York City on a Budget: 10 Great Things to Do That Won’t Break the Bank

n-NEW-YORK-TOURIST-large570New York City is an amazing place. I’ve been smitten ever since my first visit and it’s a love affair that continues.

It’s a city that offers so much. It’s also a city that can easily break your budget! NYC living doesn’t always equal cheap living. However, there is plenty to do for free or relatively inexpensively in the city that might not make it into some of the guidebooks.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite ways to spend time well (but cheaply) while in the Big Apple that you may enjoy as well if you ever visit. Continue reading “New York City on a Budget: 10 Great Things to Do That Won’t Break the Bank”

Best Holiday Bars in New York City

The Holiday Season in New York City is a magical time. The streets are filled with tourists and New Yorkers heading in all directions. Iconic shopping streets such as Fifth Avenue are filled with lights, festive decorations, and promises of sales. The smell of winter and hot chestnuts on the street corners can be enchanting. If you’re a local New Yorker, you know that this time also brings tourists, heavier traffic, and colder walks to work. Whether a tourist or a New Yorker, these bars will help you feel the festive cheer.

1.The Royalton Hotel
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New York is the center of the world

New York’s gross state product in 2010 was $1.16 trillion, ranking third in size behind the larger states of California and Texas.[45] If New York were an independent nation, it would rank as the 16th largest economy in the world behind Turkey. Its 2007 per capita personal income was $46,364, placing it sixth in the nation behind Maryland, and eighth in the world behind Ireland. New York’s agricultural outputs are dairy products, cattle and other livestock, vegetables, nursery stock, and apples. Its industrial outputs are printing and publishing, scientific instruments, electric equipment, machinery, chemical products, and tourism. Continue reading “New York is the center of the world”