Eliot Spitzer Tax Returns Partially Released Following Criticism

Eliot SpitzerNEW YORK — Eliot Spitzer released parts of his federal tax returns for the last two years on Wednesday, but withheld significant portions that would give a full picture of his wealth.

The mini-document dump came after Spitzer, a candidate for New York City comptroller, was pounded by critics Tuesday for refusing to provide his tax records. His opponent for the Democratic nomination, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, initiated the battle by releasing five years of tax returns and then called on the ex-governor to do the same.

Some of the holes in Spitzer’s financial portrait were filled in by mandatory paperwork he submitted Wednesday to comply with city election laws. The Conflicts of Interest Board, or COIB, forms shed some light on the money he made last year from broadcasting, investments and Manhattan real estate, but are not as specific as a federal tax return. Continue reading “Eliot Spitzer Tax Returns Partially Released Following Criticism”