Phone Charging Stations In NYC, Powered By Solar Panels, Debut Months After Sandy

By Francesca Trianni NEW YORK, June 18 (Reuters) – New York City unveiled the first of 25 free solar charging stations for mobile phones on Tuesday, installed in response to Superstorm Sandy, which wiped out power and forced residents to walk miles to charge their phones. The Street Charge stations are New York Mayor Michael …

United Federation Of Teachers To Pick NYC Mayoral Candidate To Endorse

The delegates of the United Federation of Teachers gather Wednesday to endorse a mayoral candidate, and their leader vows to accomplish a feat that has eluded the union for 24 years: picking the winner. “You don’t endorse to lose,” said union chief Michael Mulgrew, who made strengthening the union’s political apparatus a top priority after …

Eternal A-Rod

Ten years ago, Alex Rodriguez’s career might have been ended by a steroid suspension. Today, fans are just hoping Bud Selig can get over his PED crusade.

New York City Flooding: By 2050s, 800K NYers Could Be Living In Flood Zone

NEW YORK — Officials say new projections show 800,000 New York City residents could be living in flood zone that would cover a quarter of the city’s land by the 2050s as rising seas and other effects of global warming take hold. The number of 90-degree days in the city could double or even triple …


On the mound, God is always with Mariano Rivera, in victory and defeat. But baseball is a boys’ game, not a calling. And now, as he prepares to hang up his cleats, the greatest closer baseball has ever seen is embarking on his real mission.

Candidate Who

Bill Thompson has a natural base and surprising allies beyond it. Now he has to make peace with the sound bite.

New York City Storm Preparedness Proposals Introduced In City Council

After months of mulling New York City’s response to Superstorm Sandy, lawmakers proposed Wednesday to require backup generators for traffic lights, a system to track everyone in shelters for people with medical problems and other changes in emergency response. The City Council proposals also include planning for emergency bus and ferry service if subways go …