You’ve Only Got One Shot At Building A Consumer Unicorn

unicorn-money Imagine if the founder of a very successful consumer technology company knocked on your door and offered to get you in on the ground floor of their new enterprise. Almost any VC would jump at the chance, as would most engineers and designers. But I wonder if they’re most often making a mistake? I can point to a number of founders who have had repeat success in B2B markets. Read More

Why Billion-Dollar Valuations Don’t Matter

fakegold In the last few years, there’s been a massive decoupling between private and public markets. A Goldman Sachs report shows that since December, five of the seven most recent exits for billion-dollar startups came in at valuations equal to or below their pre-exit valuations. One of the most concerning bi-products of this decoupling is the migration away from focusing on underlying… Read More

Workday Launches Workday Ventures To Fund Machine Learning Startups

Woman counting piles of coins Workday, the 10 year old company that specializes in finance and human resources software in the cloud, announced a new program today called Workday Ventures, an investment arm focusing on startups with a machine learning bent. It intends to fund 10-12 companies this year with executives Dan Beck, senior vice president of technology products and Adeyemi ‘Ade’ Ajao, vice… Read More