Tim Cook Says Apple Music Has 6.5M Paying Users

42 Apple Music It’s been three and a half months since Apple Music launched and, with the first wave of users’ free three-month trial periods coming to a close at the end of October, Apple has said the service has 6.5 million paying users. On top of that, Cook shared that there are currently 8.5 million people using the free trial. Read More

Read Tim Cook’s Note To Apple Employees On The Anniversary Of Jobs’ Death

AppleEvent_2015_20 On the fourth anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death, Apple CEO Tim Cook sent out a memo to Apple employees. It is slim on details but it does outline some of the priorities Jobs seemed to hold and it’s a fascinating and beautiful document from one friend and co-worker about another. “Steve was a brilliant person, and his priorities were very simple. He loved his family above all,… Read More

How To Obliterate A Multi-Million-Dollar Fundraising Process During Due Diligence

moneydust As soon as you capture the attention of a VC, they’re going to start performing the “due diligence” required to justify the investment. This is when the investor checks into the bold claims you have made about the size of your market opportunity and your work experience. The process effectively begins as soon as the VC has a real interest in pursuing your deal, and steps up… Read More

Apple’s Tim Cook Delivers Blistering Speech On Encryption, Privacy

3 “I’m speaking to you from Silicon Valley, where some of the most prominent and successful companies have built their businesses by lulling their customers into complacency about their personal information,” said Cook. “They’re gobbling up everything they can learn about you and trying to monetize it. We think that’s wrong.” Read More

Apple CEO Tim Cook Joins Weibo, China’s Twitter-Like Social Network

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.19.56 AM Earlier on Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook joined Sina Corp.’s Weibo, a Chinese microblogging service similar to Twitter. The move, which is indicative of the importance of the Chinese smartphone market to Apple, means that Chinese Apple fans and others will now be able to follow news and information about the company on one of China’s largest social networks. The service today has… Read More

TC AppleCast 12: Apple Watch, MacBook And Beards

TC-applecast16-9 It’s Apple Watch pre-order day! The new device went on sale this morning at just after midnight Pacific time, and now shipping times are extending to at least June across the product lineup. Our guest today, The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple (@jdalrymple), not only successfully ordered three but also went to the Apple Store in Palo Alto to check out the in-store experience. I also managed… Read More

How The Apple Watch And iPhone 6 Plus Might Flip Your Mobile Computing Habits

IMG_8970 Apple’s new wearable hardware could eventually become much more than just an optional accessory – eventually, it could be one half of a Voltron-style combo that makes up the bulk of our computing life, relegating the tablet and smartphone model to the past. Just like a tablet/smartphone combo was a common duo over the past few years, a smartwatch/phablet duo could be the optimal… Read More