Swatch Is Teaming With Visa To Offer Payments From Your Wrist

bellamy_stage_CN2 Swatch and Visa have announced a partnership to enable NFC financial transactions using the the Swatch Bellamy wristwatch. The watches, which Swatch announced in October, are arguably minimalist and are named in honor of American author Edward Bellamy who foresaw credit and debit cards in 1888. The system is already working in Asia thanks to a partnership with China UnionPay and Bank of… Read More

Swatch Reafirms Its Building A Smartwatch With Payment Features

7990955212_24ae263ae4_k Swatch still wants in on the smartwatch game. According to Chief Executive Nick Hayek the watch will be internet-enabled and feature remote-payment functions, although the specifics are still in question. Hayek, speaking recently at a shareholder meeting, said that its upcoming smartwatch will launch in Switzerland and “one big country”. Read More