The Boom, Not Doom, Of Market Failure

desertgrowth While it might seem that the disruption du jour is all anybody is ordering these days — making innovation, growth and new value seem like insurmountable things — businesses should focus on where they can find value most quickly. Three common challenges plague companies today: non-consumption, organizational friction and market failure. However, such unexpected failures provide… Read More

As Internal Threats Rise Investors Back New Security Tech

13334048894_6e8b421c4e_o Amid this steady drumbeat of technology breaches and security snafus, venture capitalists have spent roughly $6.5 billion on new technologies to combat this menace, according to CrunchBase data. The latest company to benefit from this deluge of dollars, and the one that addresses the issue of bad actors inside corporate networks most directly, is HyTrust, which closed on $25 million. Read More