Apple Pushes Users To Upgrade Their iPhones Via Pop-Up Ads In The App Store

iphone ad Likely in hopes of boosting its holiday sales, Apple has surprised a number of iPhone owners by displaying unsolicited pop-up ads within the App Store application that promote the iPhone 6s. The ads are full-screen interstitials, and appear on iPhones that are older than the iPhone 6, according to reports. The ad’s text, meanwhile, reads “iPhone 6s Ridiculously… Read More

Apple Revenues In China Shoot Up 99% in Q4

apple china Despite months of major fluctuations in the Chinese stock market, Apple still managed to have an outstanding quarter in China. During its fourth quarter, the company saw 99% year-over-year revenue growth in the Greater China region, which accounts for the company’s sales in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. In this final fiscal quarter of 2015, Apple’s revenue in… Read More

Apple Q4 Earnings Live Blog

AppleEvent_2015_42 Apple is reporting its third-quarter earnings after the bell this afternoon. This will be the first quarter where the company’s new iPhones have been on sale — though only for a few weeks or so. Nevertheless, Apple’s earnings reports are always huge news for the company’s stock, which has basically gone back to where it started at the beginning of the year in recent… Read More

Lively Turns Your iPhone 6S Live Photos Into GIFs And Videos

lively1 Yet another app has sprouted up that wants to take the Live Photos from your iPhone 6S/6S Plus and turn them into videos and/or GIFs. Because what is beauty — nay, what is art — without the ability to share it? Lively, an app from Tiny Whale, lets you turn your all-too-locked-up Live Photos into GIFs or videos with control speeds for the GIF, ranging from 0.5x to 2.0x. But… Read More

Nexus 6P Review: This Is The Android Device That You’ve Been Waiting For

6p 7 New phones are exciting. They look new, feel new, have new things and everyone loves new. I’m personally starting to feel phone fatigue, though. I love new technology, but I feel like the incremental updates that come along for Android phones and Apple phones are starting to get overwhelming. It used to be the case that only device aficionados would pick up the “S” version… Read More

Apple Focuses On 3D Touch With New iPhone 6s Ad

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 10.26.06 Apple unveiled a new ad for the iPhone 6s. It follows the same vein as the previous ads, saying “the only thing that’s changed is everything.” This time, the company focuses on 3D Touch, one of the most important new features in the iPhone 6s. Read More

Hackers Use Radio Waves To Trick iOS And Android Into Responding To Voice Commands

Siri hint An ingenious hack could allow unwanted access to Siri commands by simply sending radio waves to a pair of unshielded iPhone earbuds. While the hack is needlessly complex – the hacker could simply go over and press the headphone button by hand – it is an interesting exploit.
Researchers at French security organization ANSSI have discovered a way to send radio waves to microphones… Read More

Apple Faces $862M In Damages After Patent Lawsuit Loss To University Of Wisconsin

Apple_Headquarters_in_Cupertino Apple is no stranger to patent lawsuits, but a more recent suit filed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s licensing branch may prove a costly loss for the iPhone maker. A United States jury found that Apple’s A7, A8, and A8X chips, which are present in the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and the new iPhone 6S (plus some models of the iPad), contain technology covered by a 1998 patent… Read More