Reminder: Don’t Retweet ISIS Or You Could Go To Jail

tweetception According to a report by the NY Daily Times, the FBI considers your retweets to be endorsements…especially when it comes to chatter about the terrorist organization ISIS. It’s not the first time. According to court documents filed on September 16th (embedded in its entirety below), the organization tracked the Twitter-actions of and then arrested a 22-year-old Queens resident… Read More

Your Brain Waves Could Replace Passwords

brain Researchers at Binghamton University have discovered that, with a bit of training, your computer can identify you based on the way your brain reacts to certain words. This means that instead of a password you could simply listen to a few words and unlock your super secret files.
From the release:
In “Brainprint,” a newly published study in academic journal Neurocomputing… Read More

As Internal Threats Rise Investors Back New Security Tech

13334048894_6e8b421c4e_o Amid this steady drumbeat of technology breaches and security snafus, venture capitalists have spent roughly $6.5 billion on new technologies to combat this menace, according to CrunchBase data. The latest company to benefit from this deluge of dollars, and the one that addresses the issue of bad actors inside corporate networks most directly, is HyTrust, which closed on $25 million. Read More