Overseeing A Successful Founder-CEO Succession

baton Replacing a founder-CEO is no small matter. The founder-CEO is the core around which a startup grows. Replacing that “core” is a highly divisive and hotly debated topic in startup and VC circles. Ideally, the founder-CEO takes the startup to its exit — but history shows that most founder-CEOs are replaced, voluntarily or involuntarily, within the first 3-5 years. Read More

Diamonds Born In Santa Clara

foundry A Santa Clara, California-based company called Diamond Foundry is this morning taking the wraps off what it’s been creating over the last three years: the ability to produce diamonds. In Santa Clara. As the company explains it, it discovered a plasma that allows atoms to attach themselves to a thin slice of diamond that’s been extracted the old-fashioned way, by being plucked from… Read More

Makerbot Lays Off 20% Of Employees, Restructures Brooklyn Offices

MakerBot_Replicator2X_high_3- Makerbot CEO Jonathan Jaglom has announced that they are laying off about 20% off the company’s 400 staff or about 80 people. The move follows a previous round of layoffs that dropped 20% of the original workforce and closed the company’s three retail stores. The company is also closing one of its office spaces in Industry City and is relocating the software and sales teams to… Read More

Uniting The CEO And The Board

boardroom Cat people and dog people. East Coasters and West Coasters. Capitalists and communists. They all look at the world so differently. Now consider venture capital board members and CEOs. Sure, they all have the same goal: to ensure that the company succeeds. Yet this dynamic can be adversarial, sometimes even hostile. And it really doesn’t have to be that way, even in the worst of times. I… Read More

The Nest Is Being Robbed

2495538130_9f01ab1a01_b Another day, another Tweetstorm by Chris Sacca about Twitter’s CEO situation. His tune is the same, with the volume turned up ever so slightly. Most importantly, the signal he’s sending out is very similar to an S.O.S.
Since July 1st, Twitter’s interim CEO has been Jack Dorsey, and the chatter around who would be the next permanent CEO, succeeding Dick Costolo, has been nonstop. Read More

GoPro’s Nick Woodman To Speak At Disrupt SF 2015

GoPro Nicholas Woodman The last time GoPro CEO and Founder Nick Woodman stopped by Disrupt SF, the company had yet to go public, the Hero3 had just been announced and VR was still a thing of the future. We’re excited to announce that Woodman is returning to Disrupt SF and there is plenty to discuss. Woodman started GoPro in 2002 on the back of a loan from his parents and the proceeds from selling beads and… Read More

Sampler Is Like Those People Who Give You Free Warm Cheeseballs At Costco But Only On The Internet

shutterstock_1696189 Giving out samples on the street is kind of silly. Taking a little cup of urine-colored sports drink or a nasty bag of chips offers little in the way of customer generation and it usually ends up in a messy sidewalk and tired sample givers. But what if you could give away urine-colored sports drinks over the Internet? Now you’re cooking with gas! Marie Chevrier at Sampler wants to make… Read More

Company Awarded Patent For ‘Space Elevator’

space-elevator-close-up The space game is hot and only the strongest are going to survive. One Canadian company feels like its in a good spot to succeed, having just been awarded the patent for a “space elevator.” Back to the how’s and what’s in a second…the company, Thoth Technology, took an aggressive shot at Elon Musk’s SpaceX in the process of announcing the news by way of its… Read More