Why Decision Science Matters

keychoice Nearly everyone is familiar with the DirecTV commercials in which actor Rob Lowe and NFL quarterbacks Eli Manning and Tony Romo appear as unflattering alter-egos of themselves — “peaked in high school” Rob Lowe, “bad comedian” Eli Manning, “artsy craftsy” Tony Romo, etc. The burgeoning adoption of data science in companies like Uber, Netflix and… Read More

New Relic Now Lets Developers Dive Deeper Into Their Analytics

new_relic_disrupt_afterparty New Relic is launching a new analytics component for its application and server monitoring suite today that allows developers to drill even deeper into the data their code (and users) generate. The New Relic Software Analytics Cloud is now available to all paying New Relic customers. New Relic’s VP of product management Patrick Lightbody told me the team realized that basic monitoring… Read More

The Best Things Come In Threes

gp-threes The ’80s were fun, fabulous and economically stimulating. What brought us Michael Jackson, the Sony Walkman, Star Wars and Pac-Man also ushered in the era of Analytics. Toyota pioneered just-in-time manufacturing, retailers deployed bar code scanners and ATMs became widespread. The world was being digitized. Read More

Square Adds Appointments App To Its Business Software Suite

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 5.56.33 AM Piece by piece, Square is trying to provide all of the tools that businesses need to manage themselves. They have the payment processing part down, a payroll product, real-time analytics and now a way to manage appointments. The company says that “millions” of appointment have been made through Square since the product’s launch last August and this new app for iOS will… Read More

Microsoft Says Power BI Will Come Out Of Preview On July 24, Open Sources Visualization Stack

Homepage_metal_large_2 Microsoft today announced that Power BI, the company’s cloud-hosted self-service business intelligence service, will hit general availability on July 24. Power BI originally launched as part of Office 365 back in July 2013. Since then, the company has completely revamped the service and the new version has been in preview for quite a while now. Now, Microsoft is taking both Power BI and… Read More

Zenefits CEO Parker Conrad To Talk Fighting The Establishment At Disrupt SF 2015

speaks onstage at the TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2013 at The Manhattan Center on April 29, 2013 in New York City. After launching at Disrupt NY 2013, the HR management startup Zenefits is taking the enterprise human resources world by storm. Parker Conrad is the co-founder and CEO of Zenefits, and we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that Parker will be joining us for an on-stage interview at Disrupt San Francisco 2015. Zenefits is one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley, most… Read More

DataHero Snags $6.1M To Democratize Data Visualization

GDP by country displayed on a world map. DataHero, the SaaS company that wants to bring data visualization to non-technical end users, announced $6.1 million in Series A funding today. It also announced a new chief executive and a partnership with Hubspot. The round was led by existing investor Foundry Group. The company also announced it was bringing on veteran executive Ed Miller, who has been CEO at several startups with… Read More

More Rain For Cloud Business Intelligence As Birst Raises $65M

shutterstock_171635108 Birst, a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) platform, has raised another $65 million in funding — a Series F round that CEO Jay Larson said will be “the last one” before it gears up for an IPO. “We think it will not be this year, we’re not giving specific direction,” he said. “But the combination of the size of the BI market and us, we think… Read More