Worst Year For Tech IPOs Since 2009

NASDAQ With just 28 technology companies entering the U.S. public markets, 2015 was the worst year for IPOs since 2009, according to Dealogic. This compares to 62 last year and 48 the year before, with 131 “unicorns” opting to remain private longer. “We haven’t seen so few tech IPOs since the 2008-09 U.S. financial crisis,” notes Kathleen Smith, principal at IPO ETF… Read More

Box Beats Estimates With $78.7M In FQ3 Revenue, Boosts Full-Year Guidance, Shares Fall 4% — Update: Shares Now Up!

box-earnings Update: Shares in Box are now up a fraction in after-hours trading. Investors are such fickle things.  Box, an enterprise collaboration and file management shop, reported its fiscal third quarter financial results today. The company lost $0.31 per share, using adjusted metrics, on revenue of $78.7 million. Analysts had expected a $0.31 per-share loss, again using adjusted metrics, off… Read More

Box’s Diversity Strategy Could Use Some Work And Transparency

Eng Diversity Scholarship 2015-1 Last week, Box announced the winner of its third annual engineering diversity scholarship, Amanda Sopkin of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As part of the scholarship, Box awarded Sopkin a $20,000 scholarship, and four female and/or minority students a $4,000 scholarship, a trip to Box HQ and a potential opportunity to intern at the company in the future. “I think… Read More

Aaron Levie, Box And A Whole Pile Of Apps

aaron-levie21 Box’s recent platform push is more than a new product direction for the company. The service may become a key revenue driver for the enterprise-facing productivity shop. I recently sat down with Aaron Levie, the CEO of Box, and his recently hired head of platform, Jeetu Patel, to dig into the matter. At its most basic, the quickly growing company wants to power the content layer of… Read More

Box’s Head Of PR Ashley Mayer To Exit For New Job At Social Capital

ash-box1 Tonight Ashley Mayer who runs PR at Box, announced in a Medium post that she was leaving the company after six years for a new job running brand and talent at Social Capital.
Mayer, who went to high school with the co-founders, started at Box in 2009 after answering a query on her Facebook page from one of the founders.
She grew into the job from a one-person shop to managing a team of PR… Read More

Box Wants To Be The Center Of Your Company’s Content Universe

Aaron Levie on stage at BoxWorks 15. Last week, at Dreamforce, Salesforce.com’s enormous customer conference, Salesforce personnel talked at great length about how everything they did was in the service of the customer. If it wasn’t about the customer — like ERP — they weren’t interested. In a similar way, today at BoxWorks at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, the Box team made it clear their… Read More

Box Slips After Earnings Beat

box-earnings Quick hit here, friends. After Box, a cloud storage and file sharing shop, reported better-than-expected earnings yesterday, its shares suffered despite a generally positive session for domestic equities.
This is slightly surprising, given that Box enjoyed a healthy multi-point bump Read More

Slack Leans On Companies Like Box And Nuzzel To Use “Add To Slack” Buttons For Contextual Integration

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 9.24.52 AM Slack’s true power is being a platform. A platform that other tools can plug into and play nice with. The company says there are 80+ of these types of integrations and thousands of developers hacking away at adding more. Right now, you have to rely on you or someone on your team finding the integrations that you want on the integrations page and then adding it to your instance of Slack.… Read More

Dropbox’s Wall Street Challenge

Dropbox Dropbox boasts a valuation in the $10 billion range. Last February the company hired a new CFO, which for many startups is a signal that their IPO moment is coming sooner rather than later. Nobody knows for sure of course, and Dropbox isn’t talking, but if the company does decide to move forward with a flotation, it could face several challenges in spite of its strong market presence.… Read More

Box Snags Former EMC Exec To Run Nascent Platform As A Service Offering

boxworks 14 stage. Box announced today that it was hiring former EMC executive Jeetu Patel to head its platform business. Patel will have the title senior vice president of platform and chief strategy officer. His primary responsibility will be building out the Box Developer Edition product, which enables developers to take advantage of services built on the Box platform to create applications without… Read More