Upthere’s Beta Users Have Uploaded More Than 3.5M Files

15018665331_78cb92ddd9_k Upthere launched their first apps into beta last week, and so far the beta period is off to a good start, the company tells me. No word on how many users have slipped through during the beta, but I’m told that invites are being slowly doled out. Over 3.5 million files have been uploaded to Upthere, which aims to be your personal computer in the cloud. Once your files are there,… Read More

Vivaldi Browser Hits Beta After More Than 2M Downloads

vivaldi_browser_teaser_page Earlier this year, Opera’s former CEO Jon von Tetzchner launched Vivaldi, a new desktop browser for power users (and those who were unhappy with Opera’s direction after that company’s switch to Google’s rendering engine after von Tetzchner left). Vivaldi has now been downloaded more than 2 million times during its technical preview and the team believes it’s now… Read More

Twitter Expands Its “Experiments” Beta Testing Program To iOS

twitter-app-sm In 2013, Twitter launched a beta testing program for Android which allows users to try out new builds of the Twitter application as well as test experimental features ahead of a public release. That program has now made its way to iOS users, Twitter confirms to TechCrunch after we received reports from several users who were being asked to join via a message displayed in their Twitter… Read More