The Micro:bit Is Shaping Up To Be The Perfect Programming Device For Kids

microbit The BBC is set to continue its history in educational computing with the Micro:bit. First displayed in March, the broadcaster just revealed the final design and programming environment of the tiny programmable board, which includes new sensors and abilities not previously displayed. The tiny device lacks the processing power of the Raspberry Pi and Arduino’s extensive ecosystem, but… Read More

Amazon’s Delivery Drones Could Find You Wherever You Are

amazon-drone-prime-air_high-resolution01 Amazon’s delivery drone plans may have seemed more like a media stunt than a concrete vision back when it launched, but with active testing taking place in Canada and now, new details showing up in a patent application, things are getting real. The new proposed patent for an “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Delivery System” (via BBC) contains some impressive revelations about… Read More